Virtual Course: Advanced Oils & Fats Processing and Application Technology

Smart Short Courses goes ONLINE again. We already had successful online programs last November 2020 and in April 2021; now we bring the technical short course back in a fully updated version.

This 3-day short course will bring together industry experts from around the world offering practical information on oilseed and oil processing and quality issues and how to integrate these in downstream products. The program is directed at plant engineers, chemists, technicians, managers, and superintendents.

This is a unique opportunity for new plant personnel and for those who are experienced to meet experts in the field to discuss current problems and learn how to enhance their operations. The course material will also serve as a useful reference for processors, product formulators, chemists and technicians as well as business managers familiar with oils & fats processing, and the production of finished products.
Target Group: Decision makers such as technicians, equipment manufacturers, product formulators, plant engineers, processors, chemists and sales and marketing specialists.


All Dates

  • From 16/11/2021 to 18/11/2021
    Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

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