There are already 3,338 million pigs discarted by PSA

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reported in its latest update that 3,338,592 pigs have already been cleared in Asian countries because of contamination with African swine plague (PSA). The number represents an increase of 504 thousand animals compared to the previous survey of the organization, of May 30. The organization's data was counted until June 6. According to FAO, the entity's balance sheet compiles information extracted from the federal agencies of the countries. 

The most critical situation remains in China, where two new outbreaks of the disease were detected, adding 138 outbreaks in 32 provinces, including the Hong Kong region. Since the identification of the outbreak in August last year, 1.133 million animals were eliminated. 

In Vietnam, the epidemic reached nine more provinces, totaling 54 regions affected by the disease since February 19. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the country, 2.2 million pigs were eliminated because of infection with the virus. 

North Korea remains with a focus of the disease identified since May 23, affecting a province and leading to the elimination of 77 animals. As for Mongolia, from the first case detected on January 15, 11 outbreaks were reported in six provinces and one city, leading to the elimination of 3,100 animals. In Cambodia, 2,400 animals were discarded, with one outbreak detected in one province on 2 April. In these countries, the figures remained the same as in the previous balance sheet. 

FAO data diverge from market estimates because they only account for figures released by the official bodies of each country. 

Posting: Marina Carvejani 
Author: Suinocultura Industrial 
Source: Agrolink