Commercialization of soybeans decline in the 2018/19 harvest

The commercialization of the 2018/19 soybean crop in Brazil reached 70% of the expected production until June 7, down from 73% recorded in the same period of the previous harvest. The number is also well below the record 77 percent of 2016, but in line with 70 percent of the normal five-year average for the period.

Negotiations were up 13% on the previously released report. According to DATAGRO, the good rhythm in sales happened due to the confirmation of the positive behavior in prices.

On sales of soybeans from the 2019/20 crop, 14.5% of production has already been traded. The index is above the 11.3% recorded in 2018, and is also higher than the 7% of the average of the last five years. This year, the marketing is in a good rhythm, considering that it is slightly below the record index of 14.7% observed in 2016.

Corn crop

Sales of the summer corn crop registered a strong 18% growth, reaching 63% of the production obtained until June 7, against 56% in the same period of last year. A month ago, data showed 45% of the harvested crop. At this time, sales are above the 57% average for five years.

For the 2019 winter harvest, commercialization reached 54% of the estimated production, with a 10% advance over the 44% registered in the previous month. The pace of sales is also above the 46% observed last year and is still higher than the average for the last five years (51%).

Posted by: Marina Carvejani