Mercosul-EU agreement could generate gains of US $ 70 billion for cooperatives

The Mercosul-European Union agreement can generate gains of US $ 70 billion with the export of products generated by cooperatives, with 98% of this value concentrated in the agricultural sector, projects the Organization of Brazilian Cooperatives (OCB). The largest opportunities are concentrated in shipments of meat (US $ 12 billion, mainly for chicken), sugar (US $ 9 billion) and corn (US $ 4 billion).

Cooperatives that produce coffee, feed, juice, fruit, spices, honey and cotton will also benefit. However, according to the OCB, the agreement brings attention to cooperatives focused on wine, dairy, wheat and malt.


On import, the potential sales of cooperative products from the European Union to Brazil also approach US $ 70 billion, with 70% in agribusiness. The inclusion of products such as fertilizers or European machinery in the free trade agreement and the possible authorization of European service providers to participate in the Brazilian economy can reduce the cost of production in the countryside and in Brazilian cities. Transport, consumption, infrastructure and health cooperatives, for example, may have the costs of purchasing their inputs reduced by the treaty.

Posted by: Marina Carvejani