Exchange and climate in the US impacting the price of sharps

Prices of cottonseed and cottonseed declined, following the weaker grain prices of soybeans and soybean meal in the second half of June.

The beginning of the cotton harvest and the expectations of growth of production this season collaborate with this scenario.

According to Scot Consultoria survey, the ton of cotton meal with 28% crude protein is quoted, on average, at R $ 767,60 in São Paulo, without freight.

The fall was 0.2% in the monthly comparison and compared to June last year, the input is costing 0.5% less this year.

For the short and medium term, with the advancement of the cotton harvest and growth of the stone crushing in the country, there is room for retreats in the quotations. It will depend on the evolution of the crop in the United States and the exchange rate in the coming months.

Posted by: Marina Carvejani
Author: Rafael Ribeiro
Source: Scot Consultoria