Volume of beef exports grows 107% in june

Brazilian beef exports closed the month of June with positive results. In the last month, shipments of the product totaled 134.377 tons, an increase of 107% compared to the same month last year. The results were also favorable, reaching US $ 514.6 million, according to data from the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Foreign Services (MDIC), compiled by the Brazilian Association of Refrigerators (Abrafrigo).

The entity points out that the high volume of this year can be explained by the truck drivers' strike, which drastically reduced the commercialization of several products. In July last year, beef exports totaled only 65,026 tons, with revenues of US $ 266.7 million.

With these results, the first half closed with a growth of 27% in quantity and 17% in foreign exchange, reaching 828,669 tons and a turnover of US $ 3.1 billion. In the same period, in 2018, 655,039 tons were handled which provided US $ 2.6 billion in revenues.

China remains the main importer of the product through the city state of Hong Kong and the mainland, but decreased its relative share of total exports in the half. In the first half of last year, Chinese exports accounted for 45.3% of exports and in the same period of 2019 it reached 38.4%, even rising from 296,483 tons to 317,828 tons.

The increase in imports from countries such as Egypt, the second largest customer in Brazil (+ 12%) contributed to this better distribution of the movement; United Arab Emirates (+ 443%); Iran (+ 41.4%); Russia (+ 865%); Turkey (+ 870%); The Philippines (+ 120%) and Uruguay (+ 62%), among the 20 biggest buyers of the Brazilian product. According to Abrafrigo, 105 countries increased their imports, while another 50 reduced their purchases.

Posted by: Marina Carvejani