Even with China's back, soybeans fall in Brazil

According to a daily study by Cepea (Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics, USP), soybean prices in the Brazilian physical market closed on Thursday (18.07) with average prices of soybeans in Brazil's ports on export wheels falling 1.06% in prices that buyers could offer. As a result, the average retreated to R $ 77.56 / bag, and losses during July already reached 5.18%.

In the marketing squares of the interior of the country the fall was 0.48%, taking the average to R $ 73.31 / sac. This devaluation raised the losses of the month to 3.16%. "The sharp fall of 0.86% in the Brazilian dollar, added to the 0.08% drop in soybean prices in Chicago, caused another fall," explains T & F Consultoria Agroeconomica analyst Luiz Pacheco.

Chinese demand was again felt Thursday, with the purchase of 3 more positions, totaling 19 in the week. The Paper market in the port of Paranaguá negotiated the contract from August to 85 and September to 95 and 100. Regarding by-products, soy pellets were traded in Rotterdam at US $ 366.00 / t.

As for vegetable oils, canola oil was traded in Rotterdam at $ 848.25 (845.82) / t. Flaxseed oil at $ 775.00 (775.00), soybean at $ 758.07 (751.87), sunflower oil at $ 785.00 (785.00), oil of palm at $ 482.50 (485.00). In the port of Dallian, China, soybeans closed at $ 491.22 / t, soybean meal at $ 418.10 (414.77) and soybean oil at $ 785 , 9) 786.14 / t.

Posting: Marina Carvejani
Author: Leonardo Gottens
Source: Agrolink