Bayer and Case IH announce unprecedent partership for soy technology development

Bayer and Case IH, CNH Industrial's brand, announce unprecedented partnership in the industry, anticipating the supply of about 50 Case IH machines for planting, harvesting and harvesting the test fields of Bayer's next soybean technology, Intacta. 2 Xtend®, in the 2019/20 harvest. There will be 254 test fields on Bayer-selected farmers' properties (the I2X Elect), and operations in these areas will be done with Case IH equipment, including Easy Riser 3200 planters, Puma tractors and grain harvesters 130 Series to carry out all the steps that involve the project. 

Bayer and Case Partnership

Map with the areas in the main producing regions where the tests will be made


The Elected I2X project will lead to growers in the main producing regions of the country the possibility to follow, in their fields and first hand, the performance of Bayer's third generation biotechnology in soy.“For this technology pre-launch phase we will be counting on Case IH's partnership. An initiative that is part of Bayer's strategy to engage the industry to be with us on this journey to launch our next soy biotechnology, ”explains Gerhard Bohne head of Bayer Crop Science in Brazil. 

Another point that Bohne highlights in this year's Elected I2X project is the focus on data generation and producer training. “All Case IH machines to be used in operations are compatible with FieldView, Bayer's digital farming tool. This will provide us with an important amount of data to establish operating protocols for better Intacta 2 Xtend® performance in the fields. ” The Bayer leader also adds the relevance of partnerships within this scenario of greater innovation in agriculture. “When industry, academics, researchers and producers get involved in such a launch, the benefits of technology better address the needs of Brazilian agriculture,” he says. 

“Case IH is recognized as a pioneer and innovative company, so we are always together with those who innovate and seek the best solutions for agribusiness. That's why we have partnered with Bayer because we know we have the best technologies, machines and solutions for all stages of cultivation, ”says Christian Gonzalez, Case IH Vice President for South America. 

Elected I2X Project

The Elected I2X project will start in September 2019 and also foresees the holding of 20 field days, in an innovative and technological format, focusing on good herbicide application practices. The events will bring together more than 10,000 farmers. On field days, growers will be able to see in practice how Intacta 2 Xtend® will assist in broader weed control and what good practices will enable growers to get the most out of the benefits of technology, and during At these events, Case IH specialists will be in the field to monitor and recommend the best use of the machines for each operation. 

Scheduled for commercial release in Brazil in 2021, Intacta 2 Xtend® soybeans will provide greater protection against major soybean caterpillars, as well as assisting in broader weed control. To this end, in addition to the herbicide glyphosate, soybean will also be tolerant to dicamba, effective in controlling broadleaf weeds such as the bougain, caruru, guava string and black prickle. 

In addition, in order for Bayer 's third generation of transgenic soybeans to adapt to Brazil' s climate and soil characteristics and increase its performance, the company has used new methods in its breeding programs spread across different regions of the country, in addition to partnering with the largest breeders in Brazil. 

Case IH machines

Among the machines that are part of the partnership, we highlight the Easy Riser 3200 planter, which offers the best productivity, combining high tank capacity and excellent operating performance. The planter has an agronomic design of the planting lines with Precision Planting Set dispenser and to increase equipment availability, Case IH reduced the number of lubrication points (only six points on single frame machines and 12 points on coupled machines on tandem). 

With the largest fertilizer (+ 25%) and seed (+ 30%) storage capacity, Easy Riser 3200 Planter can plant an additional 3.8 hectares. Added to this, it offers the best mowing of straw, with 20 '' discs, greater mismatch between lines up to 400 mm and flexibility to work in the most varied planting conditions.The equipment can be purchased with various adjustments, ranging from 11 to 36 lines, single chassis or tandem coupled chassis, with spacings of 45 and 50cm. 

140 to 234 hp Puma tractors of rated power are designed to work in conjunction with planters. The machines can work in soil preparation, planting, tillage and miscellaneous tasks, ensuring maximum efficiency with fuel economy. Some of the differentials of the Puma tractors are the Common Rail electronic fuel injection and the SemiPowerShift (Puma 140, 155, 170 and 185) and FullPowershift (Puma 200, 215 and 230) transmission. Both 18 forward and 6 reverse speeds for high performance with field proven durability. 

Another highlight is the management in APM mode (Automatic Productivity Management), the standard feature of these tractors, where the operator can select the desired working gear and the system takes care of the most appropriate adjustment. automatic, for a given operation, depending on the workload. If overload occurs at any time, the equipment will slow down and then return to optimal.In this automatic mode you can achieve 14% fuel economy over manual control. 

Case IH is also a benchmark in productivity when it comes to spraying. Patriot 250 and 350 sprayers feature active suspension ensuring the best starting response, best uphill performance, better application uniformity, and excellent weight distribution, ensuring optimum set stability. As an option, it offers AIM Command Flex, a high precision spray control system that controls flow rate, variable rate and curve compensation. 

Case IH Axial Flow grain harvesters ensure the best grain quality and productivity during harvesting at the lowest operating cost and offering the most equipment availability. The AF4130 was chosen to be part of this partnership with Bayer, a 253-horsepower FPT Industrial NEF 6.7-powered electronic engine, which is the strongest in the class and has a power reserve twice as large as the main model. of competition. This feature allows the machine to respond faster to gain power and torque while maintaining harvesting speed, industrial rotation and grain processing even when harvesting conditions are difficult. 

With the change in engine, field tests show that Case IH equipment is more productive and consumes 18% less fuel. Another item that contributes to improving the productivity index is the new worm table, responsible for transporting and distributing the separated and threshed material by the rotor. The Axial-Flow 4130 saw a 13% increase in transport and distribution capacity. The harvester's grain tank also catches the eye. The Case IH machine is 7,050 liters and this represents a capacity 8% larger than the competition. All these differentials represent a greater harvesting capacity by up to 4%. 

Post: Marina Carvejani 
Author: Agricultural News 
Source: Agricultural News