Chinese doors are open to Brazil

Director General of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Zhang Lubiao, PhD, says that "China's doors are open to Brazil." The statement was made during the 12th Brazil AgrochemShow, held last week in the city of São Paulo (SP). He gave the first lecture of the event, with the theme “Overview and perspectives on trade in agricultural products between China and Brazil”. 

According to the Chinese leader, imports from the Asian giant are growing fast, surpassing the pace of exports - which contradicts the US claims that imposed tariffs to curb trade between countries because it believes that there is an imbalance in the trade balance. This is because, according to him, the Chinese government mobilizes financial resources and stimulates foreign purchases. 

Dr. Zhang Lubiao highlighted Brazil already accounts for 24.1% of Chinese purchases, which is equivalent to $ 33 billion a year. The country is the main supplier to the Asian giant, ahead of countries like the United States, with 11.8% and Australia, with 7.6% of imports. 

“Why do we care so much? Because we have Brazil! It is China's largest source of partnership and agricultural trade, ”said the director-general of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture in a keynote.According to him, this trade has been growing rapidly, and in 2018 it broke the record of negotiations. 

The best-selling Brazilian product to China is soybean, with 87.3% of total trade between countries, which also includes meat, sugar cane, cotton and other commodities. However, Dr. Zhang Lubiao says he sees potential to further grow these businesses as well as diversify purchases for more products. 

“We want to diversify our suppliers, but Brazil will continue to be the main trading partner. We support multilateralism and reject protectionism, ”China's government official said at the conclusion of his talk, according to Chinese portal Agropages. 

Post: Marina Carvejani 
Author: Leonardo Gottems 
Source: Agrolink