Indonesia opens market for brazilian meat

Posted by Marina

The Minister Tereza Cristina (Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) announced on Wednesday (28) the opening of the Brazilian meat market to Indonesia. According to the minister, there will be 10 plants authorized to export at least 25 thousand tons of beef. 

"Today we have received the good news of this achievement. Ten Brazilian refrigeration plants will be ready for this export. This is good for our GDP, it is good for our farmer, who has more people buying meat to export, it is good for our refrigerators. that can continue to create jobs, "celebrated the minister. 

In May, the minister met with Indonesian Agriculture Minister Amran Sulaiman to discuss the opening of the Brazilian meat market to the Asian country. 

During the meeting, the minister pointed out that Brazil is able to meet the demand for Indonesian animal protein, mainly beef, being an alternative and cheaper supplier to Australian meat, where most of the food comes from. meat consumed in the country.