Public hearing discussed Conab privatization

Posted by Marina

The decision of the National Supply Company (Conab) to close 27 of the 92 units of its warehouse network in the five regions of Brazil worried debaters in a public hearing in the House. The commission of Agriculture, Livestock, Supply and Rural Development held a public hearing on Tuesday (10) on the subject.

The decision is part of a Conab modernization plan that began in 2016 and ended in 2018. Critics argue that the aim is to privatize storage services on the grounds that private enterprise can perform this function better than power. public.

The Secretary of Agriculture Policy of the National Confederation of Agricultural Workers (Contag), Antonino Rovaris, criticizes the measure taken by Conab.

"What we are concerned about, in fact, is that this may be the beginning of Conab's total privatization, which is what we are hearing behind the scenes of the government, and all that is, say, unprofitable, is able to be privatized. "


Conab storage superintendent Stelito Assis denied that the government's intention is to completely privatize the company. He recalled that what happened was a process of reinvention and restructuring of Conab to adapt the company to the moments of budgetary difficulties that the country goes through.

"On the contrary, we at Conab see a very strong effort by the Ministry of Agriculture to maintain the company and modernize it. And this modernization will clearly make price security programs even better utilized. of what is done today. "

Demobilization of warehouses occurs mostly in the Midwest. According to Conab, the Northeast region has been preserved.

Source: Agrolink