Ministry of Agriculture and OCB sign agreement promoting exchange of cooperatives

Posted by Marina

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply signed on Tuesday (15) a technical cooperation agreement with the Organization of Brazilian Cooperatives (OCB) to promote the intercooperation and internationalization of the production of Brazilian cooperatives, under the Brazil More Cooperative Program. . The agreement was signed in Chapecó (SC).

The Ministry is committed, together with the OCB, to favor the exchange of knowledge, experiences and good practices between cooperatives, considering the regional realities, and to stimulate the formation of productive, beneficiary and commercialization networks. Intercooperation aims to qualify the management of cooperatives in various regions of the country, while internationalization is about opening markets for Brazilian cooperatives.

According to Minister Tereza Cristina, the participation of Mapa in the agreement aims to expand and consolidate this market not only for large, but also for medium and small cooperatives. “Cooperativism is one of the best systems I know of. It's fair, brings social equality, in short, it's a system that we have to replicate, ”said the minister.

The minister stressed that technical assistance is the "magic word" for the development of Brazilian agribusiness, especially for small producers. “We cannot have high-tech companies that work with the highest technology and have the small farmer, the settled one, he needs to receive this technical assistance to have income, to have quality of life, to have dignity and the freedom to do what he wants. with your property, ”he said.

For Tereza Cristina, Brazil has a golden opportunity to show the importance of its agribusiness to the whole world. “It makes me very proud to be able to leave our country and go outside and be able to tell you what is good. There are many bad Brazilians who like to talk bad about our parents, but I'm proud because I'm telling the truth. We have problems, but we have much more success than failure in Brazil, ”he said.


The minister also participated in Chapecó in the expansion of the Aurora refrigerator. According to the company, investments of R $ 268 million allowed double the installed capacity to 10,000 heads per day. With the expansion, the number of direct workers of the unit rises from the current 3,000 to 5,480 direct employees.