RenovaBio should start operating in December, says ANP

Posted by Marina

The regulatory procedures regarding RenovaBio are being addressed, which makes us believe that the program should start operating in December, said ANP director Aurélio Amaral, in a 19th panel. DATAGRO International Conference on Sugar and Ethanol, this Monday (28), in São Paulo (SP).

Also participating in the panel, the president of the Sugarcane Industry Union (Unica), Evandro Gussi, said that the implementation of RenovaBio will make the sugar-energy sector enter the service segment, offering four products.

Today, according to Gussi, the segment produces sugar, ethanol and bioelectricity, and with RenovaBio will offer a service to society that is proof of carbon removal through CBios. According to the manager, the challenge with RenovaBio's full operation will be to make CBios recognized as an efficient market mechanism for reducing emissions and removing carbon.

Another panelist, the director of the Department of Biofuels of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), Miguel Ivan Oliveira, stressed that RenovaBio has the potential to become the largest model of environmental service in the country. Also panelist, the director Tereos' sales and marketing group, Gustavo Leite Segantini, pointed out that the trend is for CBios to start trading with high liquidity.