Fertilizer event will bring together more than 300 companies in São Paulo

Posted by Marina
Responsible for 64% of total fertilizer consumption, Brazil is the largest fertilizer market in Latin America and is the market with the largest influence on others involved in the global fertilizer trade.

Argus is organizing the Latin American Fertilizer 2020 Conference, which will be held January 20-22 in Sao Paulo. The event brings together top executives from Latin American buying companies, traders and producers.

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Check out some of the companies that will attend the event:

BB Representations
Bloomberg / Green Markets
Conab National Supply Company
Disan agro
Federal University of Parana
Fertimig Fertilizers
Fertipar Paraná Fertilizers
Global Value Sales
International Fertilizer Association
Intl FCStone
Porto Representation and Consulting EIRELI
Goicochea Chemicals

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