US House approves Donald Trump impeachment

Posted by Marina

The House of Representatives of the United States approved late on Wednesday (18) the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The deputies approved two articles to revoke Trump, one for abuse of power and another for obstruction of Congress.

The trial now goes to the Republican majority Senate and is expected to begin in January 2020. The US Senate decides by two-thirds whether or not to remove President Donald Trump from the United States. your job title. This is the third time that there has been an impeachment process in American history, but no president has ever been impeached.

The vote was conducted by Mayor Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Democrats have a majority in the House, and approval of both articles was expected. Democrats say Trump has committed crimes and misdemeanors by urging Ukraine to disclose compromising data about Trump's main Democratic rival to aid his reelection campaign and that it has obstructed Congress by disrupting investigations into his conduct, allegations in the first and in the second articles judged on Wednesday night.

In response, Republicans argue that most Democrats were involved in a "witch hunt" against a president they fear they cannot defeat.

In the first article, for abuse of power, there were 230 votes in favor and 197 against impeachment. Among the Democrats, two deputies voted against and the only independent House MP voted in favor of the process. All Republicans were against.

The second article, which deals with obstruction of Congress, had 229 votes in favor and 198 against. Three Democrats voted against impeachment and the independent voted in favor. Again, all Republicans voted against.

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