Chicken meat exports total 113.7 thousand tons in the first days of the month

Posted by Marina

Exports of fresh chicken meat in the first two weeks of the month is 113.7 thousand tons shipped. With seven working days the daily average of shipments is 16,200 tons, 5.5% less than the December average and 5.5% lower than the December average, but 37% higher than the average. registered January 2018.

In values ​​exports totaled US $ 192.11 million. The average price paid per tonne was US $ 1690.14, 4.8% higher than the US $ 1612.31 paid in December and almost 8% higher than the US $ 1567.02 paid in January 2019.

According to the latest report released by Rabobank, the outlook for poultry farming in 2020 is slightly more positive than in 2019, when markets suffered an exception. According to the report one of the main drivers of the gradual recovery will be the continued force in trade flows to Asia to supply markets affected by African swine fever, such as China, Vietnam, South Korea and the Philippines. According to the bank these trade flows will be positive for meat prices, although they are subject to increasing volatility.


In the second week of January 2020, with five business days, the trade balance registered a US $ 14 million surplus and a US $ 6.902 billion trade current, US $ 3.458 billion export results and US $ 3.444 billion imports. . In the month, exports total US $ 6.351 billion and imports, US $ 4.573 billion, with a positive balance of US $ 1.778 billion and trade current of 10.923 billion.

Source: Agricultural News