US reopens market for Brazilian meat

Posted by Marina

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced through the country's Food Inspection and Safety service that it is reopening the market for Brazilian meat, according to the National Agriculture Society (SNA). Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina said that the initiative reinforces the value of the Brazilian product.

“It is news that we have been looking forward to for some time. This brings recognition of the quality of Brazilian meat by a market as important as the American, ”she said, recalling that Brazil has corrected the systemic problems that led to the suspension and is restoring the eligibility of fresh beef exports to the United States .

For the director of the National Agriculture Society (SNA), Márcio Sette Fortes, the reopening of the Brazilian beef market "is promising for certified Brazilian producers, especially in a scenario of export earnings based on a valued dollar" . Fortes considered the US decision "of extreme importance for the Brazilian producer and for the maintenance of jobs in the sector".

"It is inevitable that US meat exports are privileged, to the detriment of the Brazilian product, mainly in view of an expected global increase in North American agribusiness products in China, by 2021, of the order of about US $ 30 billion" .

To conclude, he states that “Brazil must lose a good part of the market share it had conquered, all the more considering the authorization, by China, to import beef from the USA of animals over two and a half years old. . Authorization, it is good to remember, that Brazil does not benefit from ”.

Source: Agrolink