Shipments of chicken meat have the best February of all time

Posted by Marina
As AviSite signaled last week, Brazilian exports of fresh chicken meat reached the best February of all time last month. But not only that. Even though the month was the shortest of the year (18 working days, compared to 22 working days last January), the volume shipped was higher than the previous month. In the beginning of the year, this gives a good idea of ​​what lies ahead.

According to SECEX / ME, the total of fresh product shipped in the month totaled 324,341, exceeding by 7.55% and 12.13% what was exported in, respectively, last January and February 2019.

The price - already predicted, in light of the appreciation of the dollar - suffered a monthly and annual decline. Thus, the registered value of US $ 1,557.03 / ton represented a drop of 3.73% over the previous month and 2.58% over the same month last year.

However, given the significant positive variation in the volume shipped, the revenue earned also increased: 3.53% compared to January / 20; and 9.25% in relation to February / 19.

It should be noted that - considering also exports of salted meat and industrialized chicken - the accumulated revenue between January and February already exceeds the first billion dollars. With regard to the product in natura, it currently registers an increase of almost 15% over the same two-month period last year.

Source: Notícias Agrícolas