Industry grows 0.9% in January, best result for the month since 2017

Posted by Marina
Brazilian industrial production grew 0.9% in January, compared to December, according to the Monthly Industrial Survey, released today (10) by IBGE. The result interrupted two months of negative rates and is the best January since 2017, when it stood at 1.1%. In comparison with January of last year, the sector had a drop of 0.9%, with a decrease of -1% in the accumulated of the last 12 months.

In comparison with December, 17 of the 26 industrial sectors surveyed and three of the four major economic categories showed positive rates in January. “This has not happened since April last year. The positive results were concentrated in a few areas of the industry for eight consecutive months in 2019 ”, highlights the research manager, André Macedo.

The main positive influences came from machinery and equipment (11.5%), automotive vehicles, trailers and bodies (4.0%), metallurgy (6.1%) and food products (1.6%), after the registered decreases in December. Coke, petroleum products and biofuels (2.3%) increased for the third consecutive month.

Among the eight sectors that reduced production in January, the most important performances for the global average were recorded by printing and reproduction of recordings (-54.7%) and extractive industries (-3.1%), which had the fifth consecutive month of fall in production and has accumulated a loss of 8.9% since then.

Among the major economic categories, André Macedo notes that capital goods (12.6%) and durable consumer goods (3.7%) grew above the average in January with the resumption of production in the vehicle industries after the period of collective vacation.

“With this, capital goods interrupted the negative results since May 2019, a period in which it accumulated a reduction of 14.8%. The January result was the most intense advance since June 2018 (23%). The advance in durable consumer goods returned part of the accumulated 6.8% loss in the last two months of 2019 ”, added the research manager.

Also according to the survey, intermediate goods (0.8%) also registered a positive rate in January. On the other hand, the sector producing semi and non-durable consumer goods had a negative variation of 0.1% and marked the third consecutive month of fall in production, accumulating a drop of 2.2% in this period.