Trade balance surplus of US $ 0.882 billion in the first week of April

Posted by Marina

The Brazilian trade balance registered a surplus of US $ 0.882 billion and total trade of US $ 4.743 billion in the first week of April 2020 - three days - as a result of exports worth US $ 2.813 billion and imports of US $ 1.931 billion. The data was released on Monday (06) by the Foreign Trade Secretariat (Secex) of the Ministry of Economy.

In the year, exports totaled US $ 52.333 billion and imports, US $ 45.889 billion, with a surplus of US $ 6.444 billion and total trade of US $ 98.222 billion.

Month Analysis

In exports, compared with average daily until the first week of April 2020 (US $ 937.54 million) to April 2019 (US $ 918.18 million), growth was 2.1%, due to increased in sales in Agriculture (+ 67.1%). On the other hand, sales fell in Extractive Industry (-14.3%) and engineering products processing (-14.7%).

The increase in exports was driven mainly by growth in the following agricultural products: soybeans (+ 80.2%); Coffee, not roasted (+ 37.5%); Live animals, fish or crustaceans is not included (+ 38.4%); Spices (+ 96.0%) and raw tobacco (+ 119.4%).

In imports, the average daily until the first week of April 2020 (US $ 643.55 million), was 0.8% below the average of April last year (US $ 648.98 million). In this comparison, they fell spending, especially with Agriculture (-31.1%) and Extractive Industry (-3.4%). In relation to engineering products Transformation there was increased spending (0.5%).

The fall of imports was pulled mainly by the decrease of the following products: * Agriculture - Fish live whole, killed or refrigerated (-92.4%); Cocoa raw or roasted (-100.0%); Barley, unmilled (-100.0%); vegetables, fresh or chilled products (-19.3%) and corn unground except sweet corn (-60.3%) * Extractive Industry - Natural gas, liquefied or not (-68.4%); Coal, whether in powder, but not agglomerated (-15.6%); copper ores and concentrates (-100.0%); Other crude minerals (-48.5%) and iron ores and concentrates (-100.0%).