Brazil opens market and expands exports of agricultural products in March

Posted by Marina

At the same time that it guarantees internal supply during the Coronavirus pandemic, Brazilian agriculture continues to gain space in the international market. The month of March was marked by the opening of new markets for national products and the expansion of sales in other locations.

Egypt, for example, has enabled 42 Brazilian establishments to supply meat, 27 of which are chicken and 15 of beef, in addition to the renewal of the qualification of 95 companies (82 of beef and 13 of chicken). The Egyptian government also authorized the beginning of the importation of bovine giblets.

China updated the list of establishments authorized to sell fish to the Asian country, which has not been the case since 2015. Now, 108 are qualified.

Indonesia, on the other hand, agreed with the Brazilian government an extra import quota of 20 thousand tons of beef, which points to an increase in Brazilian participation, since Australia is the main supplier of meat to the Indonesians.

Kuwait opened its market for Brazilian beef.

Brazil will also start exporting genetic material from birds (such as fertile eggs) to Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.

In South America, Argentina accepted health certifications for the import of bovine embryos, swine semen and frog meat. Colombia made the purchase of popcorn official.

According to Minister Tereza Cristina (Agriculture, Livestock and Supply), given the current scenario, some sanitary measures, which often make processes take longer or were even used as trade barriers, "are being left behind".

In recent interviews, the minister pointed out that Brazil "has been demanded" by other countries that seek agricultural products and are concerned about a possible shortage of "post-pandemic Coronavirus". It is the case of Malaysia and Singapore that have already contacted the Ministry to resume or increase imports of chicken and beef.


In the first quarter of 2020, Brazilian agribusiness exports totaled US $ 21.39 billion. The agricultural sector's share of total Brazilian exports was 43.2%, higher than the 42% recorded in 2019. Some products showed significant growth: soybeans, meat, cotton, peanuts, grapes and juices.

Source: Suinocultura Industrial