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Chinese agricultural sector plays a significant role amid COVID-19

Posted by Marina

The role of China's agricultural sector in the economy is proving significant in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, according to a report released on Wednesday (03) by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, according to the agency "Xinhua".

The Chinese agricultural sector was less directly affected by the COVID-19 epidemic compared to the industrial and service sectors, the report said, predicting that the country's grain production will reach 670 million tonnes in 2020. This will provide strong support to achieve the economic and social development goals for 2020.

China's agricultural and food system is less dependent on the international market compared to other sectors, with its share in the export of all production and its share in the import of all demand below 5%. As a result, employment in this system is about to return to normal, even without a complete recovery in import and export trade, the report noted.

The agri-food system includes sectors of agriculture and food processing, and those related to industrial chains, such as intermediate consumption, storage, transportation, sales and catering industries.