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Chinese Premier calls for China and EU to extend opening shared benefits

Posted by Marina
Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, called on China and the European Union (EU) to extend the two-way opening and enhance practical cooperation in order to further mutual benefits and advantageous results for both parties, informs the agency "Xinhua ". Li made the request at the 22nd meeting of China-EU leaders with European Council President, Charles Michel, and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, by video conference on Monday.

China and the EU are comprehensive strategic partners, bilateral cooperation far exceeds the competition and there are many more areas where the two sides agree than disagree, said Li. China attaches great importance to relations with Europe, he said. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and EU.

Li pointed out that since the establishment of diplomatic ties, the relationship between China and the EU has been generally defined by cooperation, which improved the welfare of both peoples and brought stability to the world. China has always supported the process of European integration and is happy to see the EU to maintain the unity and prosperity, he said.

He called on both sides to see the bilateral relations from a long-term perspective and a broader view, and consider comprehensive strategic partners. Li also urged both sides to enhance understanding through dialogue, to achieve mutually beneficial results and advantageous for both parties, through in-depth cooperation and contribute together to maintain peace, stability, development and prosperity of the world.

During the meeting, Li said China and the EU, as major global economies should strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination, maintain the stability of the industrial chain and supply and inject momentum in the global economic recovery before COVID-19 impacts.

Li pointed out that China and the EU are committed to complete the Investment Agreement Comprehensive China-EU in 2020 and achieve a comprehensive and balanced high level agreement. He called the signing of the China-EU geographical indications' agreement is made in advance.

China is firmly dedicated to expanding its opening and is committed to creating a world-class business environment and market-oriented, with a solid legal framework for companies of all countries, said Li, adding that European companies have enjoyed these benefits.

The Chinese side hopes that the EU will also maintain its trade market, and mutual and relax export controls to China in order to facilitate bilateral trade in high-tech, stressed Li. "Expand two-way opening the basis of equality, reciprocity and mutual respect will help China and the EU to achieve better mutual benefits and advantageous results for both parties, "said the Prime Minister.

Hailing that China and the EU advocate multilateralism and free trade, Li stressed that China is willing to maintain communication with the EU on issues such as reform of the World Trade Organization (WTO), jointly safeguard the multilateral trading system based on rules and participate constructively in the multilateral process of combating climate change.

He called on both sides to continue to support the World Health Organization in the leading role in the global fight against COVID-19, deepening cooperation in research and development of vaccines and drugs and working together to win the battle against the pandemic more soon as possible.

In turn, Michel and von der Leyen spoke highly of the support and solidarity in the fight against COVID-19 between the EU and China. According to them, the cooperation momentum between the EU and China is not weakened, although the pandemic has impacted many countries.

Praising China's active participation in international cooperation in the fight against COVID-19 initiated by the EU, the bloc's leaders said the EU is ready to enhance cooperation with China in the economic recovery, jointly safeguard the security of industrial chains and supplies and further expand the market opening.

They also called for both sides to strengthen connectivity, enhance cooperation in such areas as trade, investment and digital economy and achieve the Investment Agreement Comprehensive China-EU in 2020.

In addition, China and the EU should strengthen cooperation in the WTO reform and about climate change, and defend multilateralism and free trade, they said. The two sides also had an in-depth exchange of views on regional and international issues of common interest.