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China plans to boost infrastructure in agriculture increasing property

Posted by Marina

The Ministry of Agriculture and China Rural Affairs announced Monday (29) guideline to promote based agricultural planting installations, developing goals for improvements in infrastructure and mechanization to increase production and income of farmers, informs the agency "Xinhua".

By 2025, the country will keep more than 2 million hectares of facilities including plastic greenhouses, and reach a mechanization above 50% for the joint planting facilities, a sector of the controlled environment agriculture call (CEA, in English) or agriculture protected.

The CEA provides protection and maintains optimal growing conditions for crop development and optimizes the use of resources like water, energy, space, capital and labor-intensive. The production takes place within an enclosed structure such as a building or greenhouse.

Efforts will be made to achieve new breakthroughs in terms of structure, material and energy efficiency of the facilities, according to the guideline. The promotion of new varieties, new technologies and new models suitable for mechanized production will also be accelerated.

By 2025, one technical equipment system and a socialized service system will be established for the fully mechanized production of basic plant varieties protected flowers, fruit trees and crops for traditional Chinese medicine, said the guideline.