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Pork prices end June high

Posted by Marina

From live animals to cuts, the prices of products of pig origin had consecutive increases throughout June, ending the month in the positive. According to Cepea employees, the valuations were mainly due to the increase in domestic and foreign liquidity, a factor that heated up the production chain and increased the demand of large industries for animals in the independent market. In the domestic context, the partial reopening of trade in important consumer regions favored the demand for pork.

In the foreign market, Cepea employees point out that Chinese demand was quite heated, which may be linked to the continuous cases of African Swine Fever (PSA) in the Asian region and also to recent cases of foot-and-mouth disease. In May, China and Hong Kong were the destination for 73.1% of Brazilian pig product shipments. Despite the recovery from previous months, prices are still below those recorded in the same period of 2019, in nominal terms. The pig carcass followed the same trend as the live animal, and for the cuts, the valuations were even more intense, causing the June averages to surpass those of the same month of 2019.

In addition to the heated demand, supply was more limited. Industry agents report that some refrigerators have been operating at smaller scales, due to sanitary measures to prevent coronavirus.

Source: Agrolink