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Organic soy market grows 30%

Posted by Marina

A survey carried out in the 19/20 harvest shows the good performance of the commercialization of bio-inputs. The growth was 30% in relation to the previous cycle, totaling US $ 200 million in sales. The data are from the study BIP Soja - Business Intelligence Panel, carried out annually by consultancy Spark Inteligência Estrategica.

3,500 people were interviewed on the agricultural frontier of oilseeds, between the months of January and May this year. Some segments register growth of over 70%. Noteworthy are the biological products for nematodes, with an increase of 74% in two harvests, with an increase in the treated area or 79%, adding up to 5.7 million hectares. About 71% of total sales were products for pest and disease control. In inoculants, used for nitrogen fixation, the increase corresponds to 29%.

The total use of biological pesticides in soy reached 21% of the cultivated area, totaling 11.6 million treated hectares. The increase in the demand for bio-inputs was due to the management of resistance to pests and diseases, a practice that provides for the alternate use of chemical and biological pesticides with different modes of action, with good results in controlling Asian rust, caterpillars and bedbugs.

Source: Agrolink