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Argentina says operation eliminated another 15% of the locust cloud

Posted by Marina

The National Service for Health and Agrifood Quality in Argentina (Senasa) released on Sunday night (5) the result of the survey carried out on Friday (3) at the place where an aerial application against grasshoppers had been carried out on Thursday. Despite expectations on this side of the border, the report does not mention how many insects would have been eliminated by the aero-agricultural operation. The estimate that the cloud lost an additional 15% of locusts was reported to Sindag by the local representative of the Argentine Rural Confederations (CRA), Martin Rapetti.

According to him, the result was considered satisfactory, taking into account the conditions of the place. The application made by the agricultural plane the previous day covered an area of ​​115 hectares, in a region with large tree cover (closed in many places, which protected the insects). The percentage of dead locusts ended up being the same as in the first aerial application, carried out on the afternoon of the last 26th when the cloud was inside the municipality of Curuzú Quatiá.

According to Senasa's report, the day was spent searching for the location of the cloud, which would have left the site on several short flights. The bet is that the insects would have moved to an area about three kilometers to the south. Thus, the work on Saturday will be to track the new location of the insects and from there to prepare a new operation.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, agricultural aviation companies on the Rio Grande do Sul border are on standby. At the same time, the State Department of Agriculture remains to monitor the wind and temperature conditions in the area along with the Argentine territory.

Source: Agrolink