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Fall in animal feed pulls pork production cost by 0,53% in June

Posted by Marina

In June, the Swine Production Cost Index (ICPSuino), released by Embrapa Swine and Poultry, pointed out that investment in animal nutrition, the item that weighs most in the pig farmer's pocket, decreased by 0.53%, and in June they accounted for 78.85% of total activity costs. Animal feed, since the beginning of the year, increased by 9.60%, and in the last 12 months, it increased by 16.65%. According to the institution, it was the first time in the year that there was a drop in the index.

According to the president of the Catarinense Association of Swine Breeders (ACCS), Losivanio de Lorenzi, there was a fall, but it was not so expressive. He points out that there may have been this decline in June, motivated by the fluctuation in soybean meal prices, which influenced rations.

"Despite this drop and at the moment the hog breeder, mainly the independent one, has the hog price at high levels, we are concerned about the dependence on pork exports to China and the strong domestic and foreign demand for Brazilian grains" , said.

The ICPSuino last month was 264.50, down 0.46% compared to May this year. Since January, the index has risen 10.38%, and in 12 months, the increase was 17.90%.

Next in the list of pig production cost elements comes labor and transportation, which were stable in June compared to May.

Santa Catarina, the Brazilian state that produces more pigs, had a decrease in production costs. In June, the investment per kilo of the animal was R $ 4.62 / kg, a decrease of 0.43% in relation to the previous month, when the cost was R $ 4.64 / kg.

Source: Notícias Agrícolas