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New technology measures sustainability in agriculture

Posted by Marina

New technology is capable of measuring the level of sustainability in the field. Called TrustScore, a kind of “confidence score” uses environmental and social criteria and indices to monitor sustainable properties, with emphasis on properties of the ILPF Network - Integration of Crop, Livestock and Forestry. The innovation was implemented and tested at the Santa Brígida farm (GO), model of the system.

Developed by the technology company Ceptis Agro in 2019, the tool will be presented by the ILPF Network, this Tuesday (21), at a UN event. "It is a disruptive technology. It is the first time that sustainability has been measured on a large scale in the Brazilian field, in a broad and objective way", says José Pugas, one of the system developers and partner at Ceptis Agro.

The developer emphasizes that when the property measures environmental parameters, it can have a dimension of its level of sustainability. In the ILPF system, for example, the score ranges from 0 to 100.

Among the 124 criteria evaluated are the reduction of carbon emissions, the proper management of forests and the non-deforestation. There are also several economic and social items verified, such as, for example, respect for labor rights and whether, on the properties, child labor or slavery analogues are used. The intention is to adapt the system to any size of property.

Source: Agrolink