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Union of agricultural inspectors expressed concern about outsourcing surveillance slaughter

Posted by Marina

The Tax Auditors of the Federal Agricultural National Union (Union Anffa) expressed concern about the decree 10,419, of July 7, 2020, which allows the inspection of animals before and after slaughter is carried out by outsourced professionals.

The device jeopardizes the quality and safety of food consumed by the Brazilian. under precarious contracts professionals are more subject to pressures that stable public servants, since their future employment opportunities depend on the sector companies. In addition, these professionals of the private sector are not invested with the power of administrative police that audit and inspection activities require.

It is true that the agricultural inspection needs more professionals, but there are alternative ways to meet this demand, without prejudice to the quality of food. Currently, 140 veterinarians approved in the last tender for Federal Fiscal Auditor Agriculture (Affa) are only awaiting the appointment. Even the Ministry of Agriculture has repeatedly requested the convening of these professionals to the Ministry of Economy. The preservation of public health and the heating that Brazilian agribusiness experience, with a significant increase in exports, do not allow us to state that lack resources for the appointment of these servers.

The Trade Union Anffa acts on several fronts to contain the decree 10,419 and its negative consequences for public health. One is a lawsuit, since the decree creates an autonomous social service without prior authorization from the National Congress and is against the constitutional provisions governing tenders and bids. The union also supports the Legislative Decree Project (LDP) 332/2020, of Congressman Carlos Veras (PT / PE), which suspends the effects of the decree 10,419, while still seeking dialogue with the Ministry of Agriculture, so that the situation is resolved without harm to health.