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Warehouse certification avoids grain losses and adds value to agricultural production

Posted by Marina

Established by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2011, Normative Instruction (IN) 29, deals with the certification of storage units in the country. Currently, only 10% of the 17.3 thousand? warehouses registered with the National Supply Company (Conab) are certified, however, certification is mandatory for legal entities that provide paid storage services to third parties, agricultural products, their derivatives, by-products and waste of economic values, including public stocks .

According to Flaviana Bim, GenesisGroup certification specialist, a benchmark in tests, analyzes and traceability for the agri-food chain, by failing to follow IN's recommendations, the agricultural producer loses many benefits provided with the certification of the warehouses. “From the moment the storage units operate under technical requirements, the relationship between warehouses and the productive sector is strengthened. Certification is the guarantee that good practices are being followed in the storage of grains, reducing losses observed during the process and adding value to production ”.

“Whoever owns a certified warehouse has differentiation from competitors, associating the image of their product with the service's compliance, pre-established rules and regulations, in addition to greater reliability in commercial relations, easier access to the foreign market, among others. The market and the consumer are able to invest more resources in products with guaranteed origin, ”says Flaviana Bim.

The Genesis specialist points out that any store can contract the service and benefit from the advantages that the process provides.

Storage companies wishing to do this type of certification must comply with structural requirements and good practices that involve issues such as location, infrastructure, weighing system, storage, among others.

The MAPA Normative Instruction (IN 22, of 06/14/2017) establishes December 2020 as the deadline for all storage units that offer remunerated storage services to carry out the certification. IN determines: “Art. 2nd, Storage companies that have certified 75% or more of their Units by the end of the 5th stage (12/31/2019), will be granted a period of three more years, until 12/31/2022, for the remaining Storage Units , of difficult adaptation, may undergo the necessary interventions, after which, if not certified, they will not be able to provide storage services for agricultural products, their derivatives, by-products and residues of economic value. ”

Source: Agrolink