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Agribusiness has grown by 394% in the last 40 years

Posted by Marina

In an atypical year, several sectors of the Brazilian economy have suffered the negative impacts of the pandemic. Despite the scenario, agribusiness is the only one that continues to grow and, even more, breaks records of production, exports and job creation. To talk about this strength, John Deere promoted, this Wednesday (08/05), the third edition of the series of lives "Conex?o John Deere". This time, the theme was "The strength of the field: conjuncture of the Brazilian agribusiness chain", with the participation of Guilherme Bastos, president of the National Supply Company (Conab); Cristiano Correia, marketing director for John Deere and Norma Gatto, rural producer.

"Our agriculture has undergone a revolution, has become one of the largest in the world and generates large export surpluses year after year. In 40 years, Brazilian grain production has gone from 51 to 251 million tons, according to the latest survey by Conab. We had a growth of 394% in 40 years. Of this total, almost 50% is exported and the rest is for domestic demand. Brazil demonstrates that it is able to supply food with regularity, quantity and quality, even in times of crisis. ", commented the president of Conab, Guilherme Bastos.

The figures show that national agriculture is an undeniable force, a source of pride for producers all over the country. "When I was told, 20 years ago, that I would produce 70 bags of soybeans per hectare, I didn't believe it. I thought it was impossible and today we reach that mark ", celebrated Norma Gatto, a rural producer in Mato Grosso. For her, one of the factors that contributed to the growth of the sector was the inclusion of technology in the management of the field.

With the pandemic, digitization in the field, which was already happening naturally, was accelerated. "The increase in the use of technologies to increase productivity and reduce costs through mechanization, precision agriculture and platforms, such as those that John Deere is providing, will be the new normal," stated Guilherme.

The president of Conab also spoke about advances in infrastructure that contributed to the growth of the sector. "Despite our slow pace, investments made with a focus on outflow are taking place. We are progressing little by little, a set of changes and transformations that will guarantee our agribusiness to continue with a leading role in the world," he said.

For the next few years, the expectation is for even more growth, but maintaining sustainability. "Brazilian agribusiness will still grow a lot. In 2050, the world will have around 10 billion inhabitants and the demand for food will only increase. What we have to pay attention to is that new generations and a good part of our market consumers foreigners demand an increasingly sustainable production. We can continue increasing productivity and preserving the environment. Therefore, we at John Deere think about solutions not only focused on products, but also in relation to the Crop-Livestock-Forest Integration System, ILPF, which we have supported for some years ", commented Cristiano Correia, John Deere marketing director.

We have great opportunities and challenges ahead, but the fact is that Brazilian agribusiness has shown all its strength even in such a difficult time. At the end of the chat, the president of Conab informed that on August 25, the first perspectives of the 20/21 harvest will be launched. "We will publish the link to the event in our media", he concluded.

Source: Notícias Agrícolas