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China's soy appetite continues

Posted by Marina
China's shopping appetite remains strong, although premiums have remained stable (perhaps even because of this), said T&F Consultoria Agroecômica. “FOB Port of Origin premiums in Brazil remain high, with October around +190, against + 115U from Argentina and + 105U from American soy. The Paranaguá Paper market traded in September from + 188X to + 195X ”, he comments.

"In the CIF China market, the premium for Brazilian soybeans for September 2020 remained 245X, against 215X for Argentine soybeans and 219X for American soybeans. For a new harvest, the May 2021 premium, CIF China remained unchanged at + 140H," he adds. .

In the international by-products market, soybean oil closed low in India and high in Europe and China. “At Dallian's Chinese port, soy increased to $ 682.32 from $ 678.06 the previous day; soybean bran advanced to US $ 424.87, like the US $ 423.65 the previous day, and soybean oil advanced to US $ 876.82, like the US $ 874.30 the previous day ”, he informs.

“In Rotterdam, the main non-China port for demand for soybeans and by-products, the price of the first month quoted for soybeans advanced to $ 376.50 / t from $ 376.10 / t the previous day; soy pellets dropped to $ 380.00, from $ 380.00 a day earlier, afloat. Vegetable oil prices, for the first month, ended the day quoted at: canola oil dropped to $ 899.68 / t against $ 909.73 / t the previous day; linseed oil was quoted at $ 1070.00 / t against $ 1070.00 / t the previous day; soybean oil dropped to $ 850.29 / t against $ 845.00 / t the previous day; sunflower oil dropped to $ 805.00 against $ 812.50 the previous day and palm oil dropped to $ 705.00 like the $ 700.00 / t the previous day, ”he concludes.

Source: Agrolink