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Meat export performance in the 1st week of August 2020

Posted by Marina
The thesis defended by AviSite that SECEX / ME data on exports for the first five days of August are inflated by unaccounted remains from the previous month (see “Shipments of chicken meat: inconsistency in the first numbers for August”) is not restricted to chicken meat, it also extends to beef and pork.

Not that meat exports will face any setback this month: all market indicators signal advances that can be significant. But difficult - if not impossible - to count on an increase that, at the daily average, represents a volume increase of more than 40% for beef, more than 50% for chicken or more than 170% for pork .

A brief retrospective covering the last 24 months shows that the maximum reached by the three meats added up was just over 600 thousand tons. The detail, in this case, is that the maximum of each meat was reached in different months. But the current daily average leads to a monthly projection about a third higher, only in a single month.

Unless, keeping the same parameters, the final shipments for this month are counted only in September, the August numbers will no longer provide a faithful picture of the behavior of exports in the month. Anyway, the daily shipments of this and the next two weeks will be a good indication of the progress of the export sector.

Source: Notícias Agrícolas