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Ports in Paraná registered an increase of 14% in exports

Posted by Marina
Exports through the ports of Paraná totaled 21.8 million tons from January to July 2020. The volume is 14% higher than the same period last year - with 19.1 million tons. The shipment of Brazilian products to foreign countries represents 65% of the total handled by the ports of Paranaguá and Antonina.

In total, from January to July, the Paraná terminals handled 33.3 million tons of cargo. Volume 10% higher than the 30.3 million tonnes handled in the same period last year. Imports, which represented 35% of the total, amounted to 11.45 million tons and also increased in 2020.

“Paraná is the great port of Brazilian agribusiness and this has been a very positive year”, says the CEO of the public company Portos do Paraná, Luiz Fernando Garcia. “We are the first in the country to export vegetable oil and frozen chicken, the second to export soy, bran, sugar, paper, meat and alcohol. In addition to having the best productivity for landing fertilizer and being prominent in the handling of containers and vehicles ”, says Garcia.

This year, according to him, dry weather, favorable exchange rates and the great demand for bulk cargo are among the main reasons for the good performance of the port activity.

SOLIDS - Solid bulk accounts for 66.6% of the total handled by the ports of Paranaguá and Antonina in 2020 and were the segment with the highest increase. There were 20 million tons registered in 2019 and 22.18 million tons of cargo operated this year. 11% growth.

In exports, the volumes of sugar, soy (grain) and bran shipped from January to July, this year, stand out. All products registered high. Sugar, in bulk and in bags, were 2 million tons - 58% more than the 1.2 million tons registered in 2019.

Of soybeans, in grain, the exported volume went from 10.6 million tons, 57% more than the approximately 6.8 million tons last year. Of soybean meal, comparing the 3.5 million tons shipped this year with 3.1 million in 2019, the percentage of increase registered is 13%.

On import, the main bulk solids handled are fertilizers. Of these, 5.5 million tons were imported this year against 5.2 million registered in 2019. Increase of almost 6%.

GENERAL LOAD - The segment represents 20.7% of the total handled by the ports of Paraná. This year, from January to July, 6.9 million tons were registered in import and export. The volume is 9% higher than the 6.3 million tons in 2019, in the period.

Highlight for the movement of containers. This year, there are already 523,559 TEUs handled - 5% more than the 498,883 TEUs registered in 2019, from January to July.

NET - Of liquid bulk, there are almost 4.18 million tons of cargo handled, 4% more than the 4 million tons shipped and landed in 2019, in the same period. In exports, emphasis on the volumes of vegetable oil and oil products.

In vegetable oil, mainly soybean oil, exports totaled 669,043 tonnes exported - 34% more than the 498,214 tonnes shipped in 2019. And petroleum derivatives, were 397,578 tonnes this year against 269,581, last year - an increase of 47% .