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Cotton price is the highest since October 2018

Posted by Marina

Feather cotton prices are up. Even with the advance of the 2019/20 harvest, demand, especially for higher quality lots, exceeds supply, a context that has led plume values ​​to return to nominal levels observed in mid-October 2018.

According to the Cepea newsletter, between 11 and 18 August, the CEPEA / ESALQ cotton lint indicator, with payment in 8 days, rose 4.32%, closing at R $ 3.0905 / lp on Tuesday fair, 18th - the highest nominal value since mid-October 2018. In August, the increase is 8.25%. According to researchers from Cepea, sellers are firm in the amounts requested, attentive to the high dollar against the Real and the fulfillment of forward contracts.

As the processing is still slow, the offer in the national spot is low and the closings involve lots with small quantities. On the demand side, the reaction of activities along the textile chain has increased the interest of buyers for new plots of the feather.

Source: Agrolink