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Milk production cost accumulates 5.79% increase in 2020

Posted by Marina

The cost of milk production accumulates an increase of 5.79% in 2020, points out research by Cepea. In July, the effective operating cost (COE) of dairy farming increased by 1.41% in the “average Brazil” (BA, GO, MG, PR, RS, SC and SP). Producer prices in Cepea's net “Average Brazil” registered a cumulative high of 29.2% from January to July 2020. For August, the expectation is a real record.

On the other hand, according to Embrapa, prices of dairy products registered a general increase last week. Spot market negotiations last week were in good demand. In the wholesale market, UHT milk, mozzarella cheese and powdered milk registered increases. In the input market, the last week also saw a rise in prices of soybean meal and corn.