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Government publishes resolution that reduces rice imports to zero

Posted by Marina

The Executive Management Committee of the Foreign Trade Chamber published on Thursday (10), in the Official Gazette (DOU), Gecex Resolution number 87, which reduces the import tariff of rice to zero, as anticipated by Estadão / Broadcast.

The government established a quota of 400 thousand tons of the product until the end of the year, which can enter the country without the tax. According to the agency, the amount applies to rice that is not parboiled and polished or burnished together.

According to sources from the Ministry of Agriculture, the total released is considered sufficient to help contain the rise in retail rice prices and ensure that there will be no shortage of products on the shelves. This year, until August, Brazil imported 45,087 tons of paddy rice and 372,890 tons of processed rice (shelled, parboiled and polished).

The product has little importation in Brazil - the idea is precisely to remove the tax so that the purchase increases while domestic prices are high. The import tax from countries outside Mercosur is 12% for rice.

Source: Notícias Agrícolas