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Conab confirms record of 257 million tons

Posted by Marina

The National Supply Company (Conab) released the 12th Grain Survey with the results of the 19/20 harvest early this Thursday (10). A historic record was confirmed, totaling 257.8 million tons of grain in the country. This volume is 4.5% or 11 million tons higher than the previous harvest. The evolution was added by the increase in the planted area by 4.2%, closing at 65.7 million hectares and also an increase in productivity by 0.3%, at an average of 3.912 kg / hectare.

Soy was the flagship, placing Brazil as the world's largest producer. The oilseed also reached a record of 124.8 million tons and a 4.3% gain in relation to the 2018/19 harvest. 36.9 million hectares were planted. The largest producers are Mato Grosso, in the lead with 35.8 million tons (8.9% increase); second is Paraná, with 21.5 million tons (27.6% increase); and third, Goiás, with 13.1 million tons (8.8% increase). The second and third placed took the position that was from Rio Grande do Sul and suffered from the drought. Rio Grande do Sul production fell from 19.5 million tons in the previous harvest to 11.4 million tons, a decrease of 41.4%.

Another good result is that of corn. The total result of the three harvests moves towards the end, with only crops grown in the region of Sealba, in addition to Pernambuco and Roraima. The participation of these states is close to 1.7% in the national consolidated. The first harvest has already been harvested and the second is being finalized. The expectation is to close at more than 102 million tons, an increase of 2.5%.

Another one that closes with prominence is feather cotton, which is about to reach the record mark of 2.93 million tons, with growth of 4.2% above the previous period. The positive data is due to the investments made in these crops and the climate.

For rice, there is a production record of 11.2 million tons and growth of 6.7% in relation to the last harvest. With the harvest practically completed, 10.3 million tons are in irrigated areas and about 900 thousand tons in rainfed planting. In the case of beans, the total production estimate is 3.23 million tons, mainly of common beans, with an increase of 6.4% compared to 2018/19. The first and second harvests are now closed.

Winter harvest

Wheat, the main crop of the season, is in stages ranging from the vegetative phase to the end of the harvest. Expectation of 6.8 million tons, an increase of 32.2% but these figures still depend on how the crops will evolve after severe frosts in Rio Grande do Sul. The losses are still in the survey phase.

Other winter crops (oats, canola, rye, barley, wheat and triticale) are expected to grow by 11.6% in the area under cultivation, with emphasis on wheat, which shows an expansion of 14.1%, standing at 2 , 33 million hectares and production, depending on climatic behavior, of 6.8 million tons.

Source: Agrolink