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ANEC closes partnership with GMP + International

Posted by Marina
The National Association of Cereal Exporters (ANEC), which represents the players exporting soybeans, corn and bran, has just closed an important partnership with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP +), a certification scheme for food safety based in the Netherlands, a world reference on quality issues in the grain and bran supply chain. GMP + is present in 87 countries and its certification is recognized as a license for the sale of feed across the globe.

With the initiative, ANEC becomes the first Brazilian partner institution. “ANEC is very happy to join GMP + International. With this action, we seek to further improve the Brazilian grain market through international guidelines, creating quality parameters for the national product ”, says Sérgio Mendes, general director of ANEC.

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The GMP + system aims to mitigate risks and control all links in the supply chain, so that grain production and transportation take place according to the highest global parameters, also considering the production facilities, professionals and the procedures involved.

With the integration of ISO, HACCP and other elements, GMP + Certification seeks to guarantee not only safety, but also the reliability, quality and sustainability of the world animal feed market.

Through this partnership, ANEC opens up a range of knowledge that will be shared with the associated companies, in addition to contributing to the construction of parameters that take into account Brazilian conditions and needs. “Brazil is an important producer of feed ingredients and, due to this importance, we need to be attentive to world demands. With the partnership, we will have the opportunity to work more closely with GMP + and exchange information on the very important issue of feed quality, ”says Mendes.