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Performance of chicken slaughtered in September and the first three quarters of 2020

Posted by Marina

The slaughtered chicken completes the ninth month of 2020 with a performance absolutely opposite to that observed in September 2019.

A year ago, it registered the lowest value of the previous year, obtaining an average remuneration similar to that achieved in January. This year it obtains the highest value not only of the year, but of its entire history, leaving behind the record reached in December 2019.

Also for the first time, in September the slaughtered chicken is surpassing the R $ 5.00 / kg mark in the average of the month. And it reaches a value one third higher than a year ago, at the same time that it has more than 12% appreciation over the previous month.

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Equally unprecedented is the performance in this third quarter of 2020. And diametrically opposed to the previous quarter. Recalling, in the second quarter of the year, the prices achieved corresponded to the worst performance in five consecutive quarters, that is, they returned to the levels observed at the end of 2018, being almost 15% below the average of the first quarter, generally among the weakest of each year .

This year, the average value recorded between July and September provides, nominally, the best quarter of all time, with an appreciation of 18% over the same quarter of 2019 and almost 30% over the previous quarter, the second of 2020.

Despite these good results, however, the performance in the year is still not encouraging, as the average value reached in nine months (R $ 2.74 / kg) is only 2.74% above the R $ 4.14 / kg registered between January and September 2019. In short, it is nothing compared to the almost 40% increase that both corn and soy meal accumulate this year.

Source: Notícias Agrícolas