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Meat export performance decelerates in September

Posted by Marina

Compared to previous months, fresh meat exports slowed down in September. In August, for example, they increased practically 15% in relation to the same month of the previous year. Last month, the annual variation was only 1.66%.

The biggest performance for this low performance comes from chicken meat, which, once again, suffered a volume reduction (4.5%) in relation to the same month of 2019. But beef also contributed to the slowdown, because, in the month, its shipments lost their previous pace, increasing by less than 3%. Thus, only pork meat remained in the same good pace, as its shipments in September increased by almost 36%.

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In terms of price, none of the three meats was saved, as all obtained an average price lower than that of September 2019. But, again, the biggest losses (16.61% less) fell on chicken meat, the price of meat beef declining by almost 3% and that of pork remaining practically stable (decrease of 0.26%).

With such performances, only pork obtained an increase (of almost 35.5%) in foreign exchange revenue. Beef meat fell slightly (only 0.09%) and chicken meat fell by more than 20%. As a result, the foreign exchange revenue for the three meats, considered exclusively the fresh product, ended up registering a drop of more than 5%.

Source: Notícias Agrícolas