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Brazil is prepared to expand food sales to the Arabs, says Minister Tereza Cristina

Posted by Rafael Moro
Consumers in Brazil and the world have started to demand even safer food and greater guarantees on all production processes in this post-COVID economic resumption 19, said on Wednesday (21) the Minister of Agriculture, Tereza Cristina, in her statement at the Brazil-Arab Countries Economic Forum, organized by the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.

When talking about the theme "Food Security: A strategic partnership between Brazil and the Arab world", the minister noted that the growth potential of Brazilian agricultural trade with the Arab countries is enormous, given that the countries have a long history of cooperation , Brazil being the largest exporter of halal protein (which follows the precepts of the Muslim religion) in the world.

She stressed that the post-pandemic economic recovery offers a unique opportunity to guide economic efforts towards sustainable development. "It is extremely important that we build sustainable and resilient agri-food systems to guarantee the health of food," he said.

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The minister also signaled that in addition to the growth in exports of products such as sugar, meat and soy, there are conditions for an increase in the supply of products such as cotton, cocoa, fresh and dried fruits. "With regard to Brazilian imports, which have been growing in recent years, I highlight the important participation of fish, vegetables and fruits," he enumerated, recalling that trade between Brazil and Arab countries is solid and is complementary in that both do beneficial partnerships based on relationships of trust and respect.

Tereza Cristina also noted clear possibilities for advancement and investments from infrastructure in Brazil to the installation of national companies in the agricultural sector in the Arab countries. And that for an even more effective maintenance of relations between the two regions and the realization of new business opportunities, it intends, as soon as possible, to resume the agenda of face-to-face international contacts.

Partnership between communities is vital - The vice president of foreign trade at the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Ruy Cury, who also participated in the Economic Forum this Wednesday, considered that the strengthening of partnerships that Brazil has with the Arab League in The area of ​​food security is vital, since Brazil supplies food to the 420 million people who live in the 22 countries of the League of Arab States.

According to him, Brazil is responsible for supplying around 50% of the food consumed in the bloc, and in some countries, this percentage reaches 80%. "Even with the pandemic, and although some products registered fluctuations in availability, there was no shortage, which proves the solidity of Brazilian agribusiness, the commercial partnership between Brazil and Arab countries in the food sector and the immense willingness of both sides to maintain cooperation ", he highlighted.

However, for the Arab Brazilian Chamber representative, strategic alliances in the food sector between the two regions can still prosper - and a lot. "We have a lawyer in favor of structuring direct logistical lines between Brazil and the Arab countries, in order to facilitate access to food and other Brazilian products, at the same time that we defend greater support for Brazilian companies with an interest in making investments in Arab countries ", defended Cury.

Finally, he stressed that it is necessary to intensify marketing actions, productive investments and logistics, in addition to promoting products with enormous growth potential between the two countries so that the partnerships are even more effective for all.