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Paving the BR-163 reduces the value of freight for agricultural products through the northern arc

Posted by Rafael Moro
Road freight costs between Mato Grosso and the port of Miritituba, in Pará, decreased by up to 11%. This is what the Logistic Bulletin produced by the National Supply Company (Conab) and published on the state-owned company website shows. According to the study, the drop reflects the end of the paving works on BR-163, and represents a stimulus to flow through this corridor. The improvement reflected in exports from Mato Grosso and allowed a significant percentage increase in 2020 in relation to the traditional ports of Santos / SP and Paranaguá / PR.

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“The growth in the participation of ports in Arco Norte is a reality. These routes can no longer be treated as alternatives, but as a solution for the flow of the growing agricultural production in Brazil ”, says the superintendent of Operational Logistics at Conab, Thomé Guth.

According to Guth, the lower cost of freight, due to improvements in infrastructure, directly influences the increase in shipments of agricultural products, especially corn and soy, through the ports of Arco Norte. “While cereal and oilseed producers in Mato Grosso observed lower outflow prices in September for the ports of Santarém / PA, Porto Velho / RO and Itaqui / MA, in addition to Miritibuna, the route to the port of Santos increased by 3%, when compared to the values ​​practiced in the same month of last year ".

Current price scenario - With the off-season in Mato Grosso, freight prices started to fall in September in the state of the Midwest. However, even with the decrease presented, the values ​​are at higher levels than in the previous year on certain routes. This controlled cooling is due to the movement that still exists for the flow of corn and soybeans in the state.

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