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Brazil opens 100 new foreign markets for agricultural products

Posted by Rafael Moro
Brazil has conquered the opening of 100 new markets for national agricultural products since January 2019. The most recent is export of pigs (breeding) to Colombia.

The work to open foreign markets does not only include the sale of traditional products of which Brazil is already a major exporter, such as meats, but of various products in the agricultural chain, such as nuts, tea, fruits, fish, dairy products and plants, attending the objective of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) to diversify the Brazilian export basket.

“This means new opportunities for Brazilian producers who have been working hard and showing a lot of resilience, even going through a pandemic. I strongly believe in the competence and competitiveness of our producers, and these openings reflect the intention of the Map to increasingly diversify our export agenda ”, highlights Minister Tereza Cristina (Agriculture, Livestock and Supply).

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Among the openings of non-traditional products are Baru nuts for South Korea, coconut seedlings for Guyana, Brazil nuts for Saudi Arabia, popcorn corn for Colombia, sesame for India, eucalyptus seedlings for Colombia, eggs with shell to Singapore and avocado to Argentina.

Markets were opened for products with high added value, such as poultry genetic material for the United Arab Emirates and Morocco and equine embryos for the United States.


Of the 100 new markets, 45 are in America (Argentina, Colombia, Peru, United States, Mexico, Canada, Guyana, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guatemala and Bolivia); 40 in Asia (Saudi Arabia, China, Kazakhstan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, India, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Iran, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore and Qatar); 14 in Africa (Egypt, Morocco and Zambia) and one in Oceania (Australia), according to data from the Ministry of Commerce and International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Despite the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic, most of the opening processes were completed this year, with 66 markets.


The new markets involve 30 countries. This is because some nations started to import more than one agricultural product from Brazil. Each new market corresponds to the export of a product. In this sense, there was a significant expansion with the South American neighbors, with the opening of 17 new products for Argentina, eight for Colombia and six for Bolivia.

“Opening a market is opening a door. And I am sure that we will work together so that our producers actually pass through it ”, says the minister.

In Asia, Singapore and Myanmar opened seven new markets, each, for Brazilian products. In Africa, Egypt opened eight markets.

Categories by products

Products derived from poultry (meat, offal and flour) are among the most sought after, totaling 13 openings, as well as 11 from cattle, nine from plants, eight from pigs, eight from bovine genetic material, seven from dairy and five from fruits.