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Industrial production grows 2.6% in September and eliminates losses from the pandemic

Posted by Rafael Moro

The production of the national industry advanced 2.6% in September, in comparison with August. It is the fifth consecutive monthly increase, eliminating the losses of 27.1% accumulated in March and April, when the sector registered the lowest level due to the social distance adopted to control the pandemic. The data are from the Monthly Industrial Survey (PIM), released today (4) by IBGE.

"With the result of September, together with the advances of the previous four months, industrial production exceeded the pre-pandemic level in February by 0.2%. After the months of March and April and with the easing of the distance measures socially, the industrial sector recovered, that month, that level ”, says the research manager, André Macedo.

In relation to September 2019, the industry grew 3.4%, interrupting ten months of negative results followed in this comparison. As a result, the industrial sector decreased 7.2% in the year. In the last 12 months, industry production fell 5.5%, indicating a slowdown in the loss trajectory that started in March.

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From August to September, progress was widespread in all major economic categories and in 22 of the 26 sectors surveyed, for the fifth month in a row, with emphasis on consumer durables, whose results were driven by the auto industry.

“Motor vehicles, trailers and bodies increased 14.1%. It is worth mentioning that this activity accumulated an expansion of 1,042.6% in five consecutive months of growth in production, but it is still 12.8% below the level of February ”, explains Macedo.

As well as motor vehicles, other activities also increased for the fifth month in a row: machinery and equipment (12.6%), clothing and leather goods (16.5%), travel goods and footwear (17.1%) ). Food products (1.2%), metallurgy (3.5%) and non-metallic mineral products (4.2%) also contributed to the September result.

On the other hand, four activities reduced their production in September, with emphasis on the extractive industries (-3.7%), which had the main negative impact in the month, interrupting three consecutive positive results, which accumulated an increase of 18.2% . The others were printing and reproduction of recordings (-4.0%), various products (-1.3%) and other chemical products (-0.3%).

“The extractive industry had a setback in September, but came from three months of growth in production. That is, it interrupts the positive behavior, but does not eliminate the positive balance of the last few months. Even considering the fall in September, this activity is 5.7% above the level before the pandemic ”, observes André Macedo.

Large economic categories advance for the fifth consecutive month

Among the major economic categories, durable consumer goods, when growing 10.7%, registered the most accentuated positive rate in September and the fifth consecutive month of expansion in production, accumulating in this period an increase of 520.3%. "It is worth mentioning that, even with these recent positive results, this segment is still 2.8% below the level of February", adds the research manager.

The sectors producing capital goods (7.0%), semi and non-durable consumer goods (3.7%) and intermediate goods (1.3%) also registered growth in September, with all also showing expansion by fifth consecutive month and accumulating gains of 93.2%, 30.7% and 26.9%, respectively.

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Source: Notícias Agrícolas