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Agro has how to expand area sustainably says specialist

Posted by Guilherme Bezzarro

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"According to Marcos Jank, the Insper, potential is immense, but it is necessary to work in a coherent way"

"In the year of atypical conditions, Agro has been responding very well to the challenges imposed by pandemic, with positive production rates in volume, quality and sustainability. This is a current scenario, which projects the increasing insertion of our industry in the international market. " The statement was from the President of the Famasul System, Mauricio Saito, during live transmission of MS Agro 2020, held on Wednesday (25).

"Producers do the 'home task' to proactively meet the specific demand for this period. The field goes on the search for knowledge and innovation, thinking in front. At the same time we recorded area drop for agriculture, we had a considerable increase in the volume of protein produced. The ability to undertake from the rural producer and innovation guarantee the delivery of products with quality, "added Saito, who mediated the debate among the experts. 

The coordinator of the Insper Agro Global Center, Marcos Jank, led the first lecture of the event. "It is important to look at the international issues under the perspective of each region's interests, considering an atypical year in which Agro was done well compared to other sectors of the economy. We had the international insertion of agribusiness. "

According to Jank, in 2020 Brazil will export $ 103 billion, remember to the country. "We never got to this number. This is due to the good results of agricultural crops, the real dynamic vector that is the consumption of the Asian population, the production of Agro that has not stopped, to the aid delivered by the government, logistics that worked well. The potential is immense, but it is necessary to work in a coherent way, "he explains.

It reinforces that the country has 15 million areas with integration and there are ways to expand agriculture in a sustainable way. "We highlight the integration of MS with the ports of Santos and Paraná. It is a revolution that is happening at this time, with a good regulatory model."

This text was translated by machine from Brazilian Portuguese.