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In 3 days Brazil exported 248,100 tons of corn, 121% ahead of Feb/20

Posted by Guilherme Bezzarro

Image: Pixabay

The Brazilian Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services released, through the Secretariat of Foreign Trade, its weekly report that points out the accumulated exports of various agricultural products until the third week of February.

In these first 13 business days of the month, Brazil exported 753,104.2 tons of unground corn. This volume represents an increase of 248,163.9 tons in relation to that recorded up to the second week of February (504,940.3) and is 29.54% of all that was shipped during the month of January (2,548,860 tons).

So far, the country has shipped 121.33% more than the total recorded during February 2020 (340,255.8 tons).

As a result, the daily average of shipments was 57,931.1 tons, a level 54.53% lower than the average of last month (127,443 tons). Compared to the same period last year, the average daily exports was 206.46% higher than the 18,903.1 in February 2020.

In financial terms, Brazil has already exported a total of US$ 153,726.10 in the period, against US$ 69,884.40 for the whole of February last year. In the daily average, the current month recorded an increase of 204.58%, leaving US$ 11,825.10 per business day against US$ 3,882.50 in January last year.

The price per ton obtained fell by 0.62% in the period, from US $ 205.40 last year to US$ 204.10 in February.

Anec (National Association of Cereal Exporters) estimated, last week, that Brazil would export 545.1 thousand tons throughout the month of February, raising its last projection of 534.8 thousand tons. The country has already surpassed this level by 38.14% and, if it maintains the current daily average, it would end the month 91.17% ahead of expectations, with 1.042 million tons.

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By: Guilherme Dorigatti | Notícias Agrícolas