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Brazilian SPC production is considered innovative

Posted by Rafael Moro

Image: Pixabay

A Brazilian company received a patent from the European Patent Office for its unique production process of soy protein concentrate (SPC), used in the composition of feed. As a result, Rio Pardo Proteína Vegetal, headquartered in Mato Grosso do Sul, will have exclusivity in its production process in the European Union, certified by the agency as "innovator".

The main difference from the company's procedure is the unification of processing steps. In traditional processes, it works as follows: in a first stage, the oil is separated from the soybean. After that, heating is carried out to remove solvents from the process. Then, a second step is needed to remove the soluble carbohydrates, where are the anti-nutritional factors of soy. In this extraction, alcohol is used and, to remove it, the grain is heated again.

In the process of the company from Mato Grosso, this is all done in one go. "The oil and carbohydrates are removed in just one step and one heating", explains Leandro Baruel, export manager at Rio Pardo.

In this way the quality of the product increases considerably, a factor also considered by the patent body, which observed not only the methodology and practice, but also the final product. "When we reduce the number of grains heating, we decrease the possibility of what we call the 'Maillard reaction', which is the formation of a protein complex with carbohydrates and sugars. This complex interferes with the digestibility of the product", he comments.

With this, the company reaches the level of having one of the best protein concentrates in the world, with more than 65% solubility and 98% digestibility. The process is also considered more sustainable as it reduces the consumption of thermal and electrical energy. "In the livestock market there is a very strong pressure in this sense. From raw material to the product for customers, it is necessary to be as sustainable as possible", adds Baruel.

After ratification by the European community, the company is also seeking a patent in Brazil, the United States, Canada, Japan and Chile. Today, Brazil accounts for 60% of the entire global SPC production market. Concentrated soy protein (SPC) is a product with a high protein content (above 60%). It is mainly used in aquaculture as a substitute for fishmeal in feed, in addition to swine, poultry, equine and cattle.

By: Eliza Maliszewski | Agrolink

This text was automatically translated from Portuguese.