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Ouro Branco Project promises to revolutionize cotton cultivation in São Paulo

Posted by Rafael Moro

Image: Pixabay

Quality Brazilian cotton is only grown in Bahia, Goiás and Mato Grosso, right? Wrong! In recent years, in the State of São Paulo, a group of producers has been standing out for producing high quality cotton. And, to take advantage of the excellent moment of this commodity and further promote its cultivation, Cooperativa Agro Industrial Holambra has just launched the Ouro Branco project, which aims to expand the areas of this culture in the southwest of São Paulo.

According to the executive president of Cooperativa Holambra, Shandrus Hohne de Carvalho, through the project, there will be an expansion of cotton growing areas, strengthening production. “Today, Cooperativa Holambra already produces and benefits one of the best, if not the best cotton in Brazil. The quality of our fiber is export standard in strength, length and micronaire (maturity), in general, we are above the export standard. This project arrives to confirm this trend and expand the possibilities of our members and partners ”, he comments.

To further strengthen the project, several improvements are already being implemented at Cooperativa Holambra, as stated by Shandrus. “Structural investment in the plants, investment in the qualification of employees, investment in equipment, improvements in processes resulting in operational efficiency, with production above 1,300 bales / day of cotton plume. All of this because our focus is on having the best cotton in Brazil, both in terms of quality and productivity ”, he comments.

For rural producers, the project will provide support on several fronts, ranging from the harvesting partnership, reducing the value of inputs and even reaching a credit line. “We identified the main pains and saw many opportunities for cotton producers, so we have structured a project that will help rural entrepreneurs to have even more success and financial return with this cultivation”, explains the Logistics Manager at Cooperativa Holambra, Fernanda Langner .

Also according to Fernanda, the project has all the expertise, infrastructure and well-established processes of Cooperativa Holambra, ranging from harvest to processing. But, above all, there is a fundamental difference, the high quality of cotton from the cooperative, recognized by two of the largest classification laboratories in Brazil, Amipa, from Uberlândia (MG) and Agopa, from Goiânia (GO). “Intrinsic quality of the standard export fiber (length, strength and maturity), plume yield above average, 150 arrobas per hectare, investment in technology for management and harvesting, application of inputs, control of the weevil management. Anyway, all this will favor Ouro Branco in a decisive way ”, she comments.

And, anyone who thinks that only cooperative members will benefit from the Ouro Branco project is mistaken. Other rural producers in the region will also be able to become partners and use the beneficiation plants of Cooperativa Holambra, in the city of Paranapanema (SP), and in a second moment, commercialize the product, also through the cooperative. “The advantages for producers are numerous. We are providing a historic opportunity for rural entrepreneurs to achieve extraordinary success with this culture ”, concludes Fernanda.

Cooperativa Holambra also has a partnership with APPA - Paulista Association of Cotton Producers - for certification of producers (ABR-BCI seal) and ABR-UBA mills, all with the support of ABRAPA - Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers.

The project should encourage the generation of jobs in the region, since in previous years, the cotton harvest has employed more than 100 temporary employees.

Source: Notícias Agrícolas

This text was automatically translated from Portuguese.